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Nature and STEM

Nature & S.T.E.M.

"A good education and an appreciation of nature's beauty are two of the most valuable things we can pass along to the next generation."
--Colorado State Representative Christine Scanlan, speaking about the value of environmental learning for kids

A Journey That Transforms
Big Thompson Elementary was officially designated a School of Nature and Science in 2009, making the transition to Nature & S.T.E.M. in 2013-2014. This notable distinction means that students will experience intentional connections to nature and science, technology, engineering, and math throughout the course of their education at Big T.

Big T's ideal geographic location allows educators to integrate nature and S.T.E.M. into all subjects. Students benefit from the ideal mountain setting where wildlife abounds and nature exploration awaits in the four-acre, outdoor education center.

Using natural sciences as the pathway to discover our interconnectedness instills deeper appreciation for the natural world and for others.