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Attendance Policy

TSD Attendance Policy

A student's attendance is crucial for their success as a student. Their consistent presence in class provides the teacher with the necessary interaction to assist the student's growth in learning. Although we realize that occasionally it is inevitable that a student will miss school due to an emergency or illness, we hope that our students will attend daily.  If you are aware of an upcoming absence or need to call your child in absent, each school has an attendance line for you to utilize. Please leave your information on the voicemail. Additionally, there is an auto-dialer that will call you to confirm or inform you that your child is absent on a given day. These phone calls are automatically generated.

As part of the attendance system, there is a process (shown below) for when students are absent from school. Any student who misses 4 or more days, whether excused or unexcused, will receive a letter explaining that the student has missed, as well as the expectations and contact information in case there are circumstances that arise that we can assist in remedying. Another letter will be sent at 7 days with more information and the possible next steps in accordance with our Board policies (JH/JHA/JHB and JH/JHA/JHB -R) and state statute. We are required to provide families with this information.   These communications are form letters and are automatically generated based on the student's attendance.  

There are strict laws regarding a student's excused and unexcused status. We work closely with families to navigate this process. If there is a habitually absent situation, we are required by law to take steps to remedy the circumstance. In some cases, it will involve requesting medical excuse, conferencing with a team, a contract with the school and in extreme cases, there is the necessity to engage the court system.

We are proud to be partners in the education of your children as we prepare them for career, college and community readiness.